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Frequently asked questions

What is regenerated yarn? 

There are fabric leftovers of tshirt factories. From cutting department of tshirt factories. Small pieces of fabrics. The name of these leftovers is "hosiery clips". We make fiber from these leftovers. The name of the fiber is "shoddy". We make yarn from this fiber. The name of the yarn is "regenerated yarn". 

What is the yarn size?

NE 4/1 - NE 30/1.

NM 1/6 - NM 1/50

Tex 150 - Tex 4

Dyed. All colors.

Fiber composition;

Our yarn is cotton / polyester.

There are 2 types of ratios (compositions).

1--  The production composition;

2--  The final compositions (the compositions of the yarn);

Please visit fiber-composition for details.

Composition Guarantee;

We can offer guarantee till "NE 12".

Above "NE 12", We can not provide guarantee.

Please visit fiber-composition for details.

Minimum quantity per color;

2,000 kgs per color for main colors.

5,000 kgs per color for other colors.


1--  Bag

2--  Carton boxe

3--  Small pallet

4--  Big pallet 

5--  Bags on pallet

6--  Boxes on pallet

Please visit packaging for details. 

What is the difference between recycled and regenerated yarn? 

Regenerated yarn; The fiber is made from fabric leftovers of tshirt factories. 

Recycled yarn; The fiber leftovers of yarn factories. 

Our yarn is regenerated yarn. 

What type of yarn? OE?

OE only. Carded yarn and combed yarn are NOT available for recycled.

The advantages of regenerated yarn;


Ecological = No chemical treatment.

Economical = The same cost as non-dyed yarn.

Black color is the same price as raw white.

The risks of regenerated yarn;

Recycled products are made of waste materials.  

Main problem with recycled products is the consistency of the quality.

One day You can receive very good quality, next day, surprises.


this is the difference of BonaFil.


What can you to do ELIMINATE the RISKS?

You need to speak with the users. You must be sure that they receive the same quality all the time.

Please talk with one of the BonaFil users. You can see the comfort of working with BonaFil. 

We have clients in 4 continents.

From Pakistan till Sri Lanka.

From Italy till Portugal.  

From Egypt till Morocco

From Brasil till Canada

What is the recycled yarn for?



Circular knitting.


Flat knitting.


HTS code of recycled yarns;


Stock service;

Unfortunately, we do NOT offer stock service for the moment.

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